A Sunny San Francisco Weekend.

Taken with a disposable camera at Alice Summerthing 2012, an annual free outdoor Indie/Alternative concert in Golden Gate Park.

I adore this photo. The happiness on my face. The colors. The perfection. This photograph completely captures my Sunday.

I have been out and about from the second my plane landed last Saturday morning. With all that has happened, all the people I have seen, all that I’ve done, and the amazing adventures so far it’s hard to believe I’ve only been back for a week.

It’s even harder to imagine I will be gone in eight more!

San Francisco is an indescribable city.

My eleventh grade English teacher (a cranky, ridiculously meticulous, yet incredibly lazy and laid-back old lady who was a nonsensical grader and found sexual innuendos in every classic work of fiction) once told us she was told, “They tilted America and all the weirdos fell to San Francisco.”

I admit, growing up I did not appreciate the city. In fact, it was boring. To a moody adolescent whose entire life is dominated by test scores and schoolwork, bad weather, crazy neighbors, high tax rates, and notoriously frustrating city lifestyle are certainly not perks. However, a year away at a mind-numbingly suburban university has allowed me to truly miss this city.

I love San Francisco, and this weekend is the perfect exemplification of why.

For all of you who are thinking: “look at this fucking hipster” — so what?

This is San Francisco. This is me. This is my life; this is the me shaped by one of the most amazing cities in the world.

Do you see the bubbles?

Missed the parade, but not the party.

The Amazing Avengers!

Jennifer (left), inspiration and motivation since the fifth grade.
Purnima (right), soul sister since freshman year of high school.
Thank you lovelies for in my life! ❤

This weekend was full of adventure. Highlights:

Friday I went to my first comic book store with my old “reg buddy” — that’s homeroom best friend, for everyone who didn’t go to Lowell — after not seeing her for a whole year.

Saturday was busy with a lunch date, driving lessons, and an afternoon/evening of misadventures in the Haight.

Sunday is a day I have been looking forward to all week!
Lots of amazing food, free music, and lovely people. Evening/night wandering through the Castro and downtown.
Summer, happiness, pride, freedom, and the love of being alive was everywhere in the air.

And I can’t forget the crazy MC: “BUBBLES!”

I arrived home with my first sunburn.


Although the line-up of Summerthing 2012 (annual huge free concert in Golden Gate Park, sponsored by the local radio station Alice @ 97.3) was not half as amazing as that of last year, and Summerthing 2011 is still the best concert I’ve ever been to, this Sunday is certainly one for the memory books.

Monday is, as usual, family day. Today was especially eventful with plenty of love.
Main players: Pita, my white cherrier (chihuahua-terrier) puppy whom I have not seen for three months. Two hyperactive two-year-olds: JJ and Rebecca. Mama Xu. Uncle. Our family friends David and Xia (who are Rebecca’s parents.) Plenty of sunshine. Amazing food.

Additional highlights of my weekend: Friday night, watching Fight Club buzzed on scotch at 1AM on a projector screen in a garage-turned-bedroom. 🙂


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