Brock Turner isn’t a stranger.

I can assure you, with absolute certainty, that every single person reading this sentence knows or IS a woman who has been spoken to or touched in an unsolicited, unpleasant, and sexually-aggressive manner.

Don’t fight it, accept that fact.

I’ve been drunk out of my mind in public. I’ve been asked by laughing strangers on the street if I liked to suck dick. A blacked-out me was recently in the middle of a human tug-o-war as a friend successfully prevented a drunk guy from dragging me off at a club. I’ve been publicly groped, many times. I’ve never been raped, I count myself lucky. Isn’t that fucked up? To feel thankful that I’ve never been raped, only harassed? Who am I thanking?

Don’t say, “Men can get raped too.” Don’t say, “Intoxication is the problem.” Don’t justify. Don’t marginalize. Accept the fact that YOU live in a society where women, particularly women who are attractive and like to enjoy the same pleasures as the majority of young people around them, are in constant risk of being VIOLATED, then dehumanized.

When I first read the victim’s beautifully written, powerful statement, it made me cry.

Hearing the news that he only served 3 months out of his 6-month sentence… I’m not even mad or surprised. I expected this. I don’t know. I hope the world has learned something from this. I hope we realize how serious this is.

The solution isn’t to stop drinking, stop partying, or abstinence. It’s to be fucking decent human beings who don’t use other unconscious human beings as sex toys.


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