Who am I?


你好!Bienvenido. Mucho gusto. Je m’apelle Shirley.

I am just a high-class counterfeit Californian, born in the beautiful sea-side city of Yantai (China) and raised in eclectic San Francisco (USA).

I speak three languages fluently (English, Spanish, Mandarin), and am proficient in three more (Italian, French, Cantonese.)

My passions are learning new languages, international political economy, and sustainable development. I hold a Masters of International Affairs from the University of California, San Diego, specializing in International Management and Environmental Policy. I am currently researching Corporate Social Responsibility in China, and plan to circumvent the world after my research culminates in June 2017.

I created this blog in 2012 in an attempt to chronicle my study abroad experiences in college, but young me was too busy taking tequila shots on beaches to update consistently.

Now, my entire life fits inside a suitcase and a backpack. Wherever this road takes me, it will be an exciting journey, summer to summer.

[21 countries and counting.]

For bite-sized adventures,  check out my instagram! @surelyxu



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